My Nested Notetaking Template

My Nested  Notetaking Template
Photo by Samuel Bryngelsson / Unsplash

As I mentioned in the list of apps I recommend, I use Goodnotes on iPad for most of my notetaking. Goodnotes has plenty of handy templates which I used for years and it also supports importing custom templates. After years of using default templates, I decided it was time to create my own template that fits my style of notetaking better.

I'm not sure if there is an official name for the way I take notes; I think I would call it nested notetaking if I have to. It is inspired from modern programming notations, reddit's nested comment structure and workflowy's notetaking structure. To ensure my notes have a clean look and to quicken the writing process; my template includes vertical lines that indicate where each "nest level" begins. I also color coded these layer markings so if you zoom in and move your view you can still keep track of which nest level you are writing on. An example pdf of how I would take notes on this template is included here as well (coming soon).

I generally use a 0,35mm pen as my main main pen on Goodnotes and the height of the lines may be too small if you prefer thicker pens or if you write big in general.

Feel free to try the template out if you like the sound of it or maybe this will inspire you to create your own template!