Project Description


New Menu Design for
Meydani Cafe & Bakery


Simple is good.

So Meydani Cafe & Bakery was looking to refresh the prices on their Menus for 2022 and we decided to take the opportunity to refresh the menu design a little. The old menu was indeed “old”. The design was nothing to speak about and the impression it left on the customer wasn’t necessarily positive.

The design of the old menu was also cluttered and harder to read. So one of our main goals was to simplify things. Don’t try to turn into something it isn’t, we just needed a simple menu to help customers choose their delicious dessert as quickly as possible.

We only had couple days left till the deadline for printing so this had to be a quick job. The design ended up taking 2 days and with some small revisions added after that we had a completely new simple menu design ready to be printed in just three days. I had to spend a LOT of hours designing it so it probably was a week worth of job done in 3 days but still, we managed to complete it in time and I am looking forward to seeing the prints arrive!

I normally use Adobe Indesign for such projects but Adobe’s Creative Cloud being in the state it is on Apple Silicon I decided to go another direction and use Affinity Publisher for the first time instead.

Affinity Publisher was MUCH faster than Adobe Indesign as expected. Which made the whole experience of creating this menu in a short time much more bearable. I am still running the trial version of the publisher right now but I am certain I will end up buying it pretty soon. Admittedly, it lacks some features but the overall improvement to the user experience with the added speed is immense and I would never trade it for couple of features I barely need on Indesign.