Project Description


Studio Photography for
Meydani Cafe & Bakery


Getting used to Studio Photography.

This was my second studio shoot with Meydani Cafe & Bakery. Knowing the location and setting helped a lot going in. Since this was a new year themed shoot we had some cute new year decorations to throw around the food. Reflection handling was a bit of a challenge with all the shiny decoration pieces. We managed to make it look tasty after all, I really enjoyed this shoot!

Thanks to Meydani Family for making this possible and helping out during the process. Looking forward to our next shoot!

In this shoot I’ve used my Sony A7iii coupled with the Tamron 28-75mm f.2.8 most of the time. I tried switching to the Sony 85mm 1.8 but minimum focusing on that lens isn’t the greatest so I ended up going back to the Tamron after a short stint with the Sony.

As for the lights I am still using the Godox TT685 speedlight in a Godox 80x80cm softbox combined with couple of light modifiers again from Godox. I think for a budget of around 150$ Godox products deliver extraordinary performance for their price.

After finding the right balance of light and composition (which took about 40 minutes trying with various products.) the process got much quicker and we went into a “quickfire mode” with each product maybe taking two minutes.

Unfortunately next time I go to shoot there I will have to repeat this all over again because the studio there isn’t exactly a controlled environment so I have to find the balance and adjust the composition again.