About me

A petrolhead, a nerd and a photographer met in a train.

Programmer by night, photographer by day.

Behind the paper


I graduated German High School Istanbul with a German Abitur and moved to Germany to study Computer Science. I am currently studying Computer Science at RWTH Aachen.

I have completed my internship at RWTH under Dr. rer. nat. Pascal Richter. My team was responsible with developing an audiobook app for children. My role in the internship was developing UI and UX Designs that would help both parents and children to easily use the app. After my internship I was offered a product designer position to help further design user experiences for various projects under the institute.

Behind the keyboard

Creative Work

I started my creative work journey by working on the menus and prints for our bakery. I learned my way around Adobe CC suite during high school and expanded my skills while I was taking part in the Formula Student team of RWTH Aachen, Ecurie Aix. I have designed brochures, invitations, websites, magazines, newsletters, various size posters for the Ecurie Aix.

Behind the camera

Photography & Videography

I started getting into photography in 2016 with the purchase of my first camera. I mostly do street, portrait and food photography but since 2020 I have started experimenting with studio photography. Since then I have done a proper studio shoot for our bakery’s website. I have also done some motorsport photography during my time in Formula Student. I am looking to expand into other areas of photography in near future.

When it comes to video work most of my experience comes from the videos I shot for our Formula student. I have done event recap videos documenting Formula Student events as well as two rollout videos showcasing the year long creation of our cars.