List of apps I recommend

List of apps I recommend
Photo by Ales Nesetril / Unsplash

This list is mainly intended to keep track of the apps I need in case of a new device that needs a set up but it should also be useful to share with friends and family. I will divide the list into four categories; iOS, iPadOS, Mac and Windows.

* means I use the app on every platform it's available.


  • Apollo for Reddit (RIP)
    • The best reddit app ever created. Single handedly made Reddit the best platform ever created. Then reddit killed it.
    • Also check out anything Christian Seilig makes, magician app developer.
  • Microsoft To Do*
    • Great, feature packed to do app. Not trying any gimmicks just a simple to do app with good multi platform support. It used to be called Wunderlist and Microsoft purchased it. I hope they won't kill it.
  • 1Password*
    • My choice of password manager. Not great but good enough.
  • Documents by Readdle*
    • Possibly the most feature packed app I have ever used on a phone. I have no idea how is it free.
  • Google Authenticator
    • My choice of mobile authenticator.
  • Fast & Speedcheck
    • Two apps I use to check internet speed.
  • unsqrd
    • Cuts photos into slideable multi pieces to share as seamless panoramas in Instagram.


  • Goodnotes
    • Best note taking app in my opinion. Feature packed, easy to use and great export options. What more do you want?
  • Orion
    • Turn your iPad into a USB C monitor.
  • Readly
    • Magazine subscription with tons of good magazines in it.


  • Raycast
    • Very powerful spotlight alternative.
  • Magnet
    • An essential download.Improves window managing significantly. My tip: get used its shortcuts for a much better experience.
  • MonitorControl
    • Great tool that lets you adjust brightness/volume of your monitor from your keyboard.
  • GrandPerspective
    • Great way to see and understand storage usage, for both internal and external storage.
  • Macs Fan Control
    • Sometimes you just need to control the fanspeed manually. Useful when importing a lot of photos to Lightroom.
  • Goodnotes
    • Great way to access notes I take on my iPad.
  • AltTab
    • Brings windows style alt-tabbing to macOS.
  • Xcodes
    • Great way to install, uninstall and manage multiple instances of Xcode.
  • Termius*
    • Great app to connect to servers, also available on iPad/iPhone.
  • Affinity Suite
    • Good alternative to some of the Adobe CC apps. Great performance on Apple Silicon.


Note that I am now using my Windows PC almost exclusively for gaming so I don't know much about what's popular nowadays.

  • Powertools
    • Incredible set of advanced tools for power users. Well developed and maintained.
  • Wiztree
    • Does the same thing as GrandPerspective on macOS.